This page has some of the things that I write.

They have been awarded the Freedom Council's Freedom Medal, nominated for Pushcart Prizes and recognized as the "Best of the Web." Most are available for free online.

Short Stories

"A Translation from ‘The Chronicles of the Fingers of Your Left Hand’," FRiGG Magazine
"When My Girlfriend Lost the Weight," FRiGG Magazine
"She Falls Down," Opium Magazine
"Oncoming Traffic," Streetlight Magazine
"Keeping Susie Whole," FRiGG Magazine

"In the Way," The GW Review (available in You Will Behave)
"Advice for an Action Figure in Love," Tatlin's Tower (available in You Will Behave)


You Will Behave
Sucker Punch Press
Novella With Added Goodies

You Will Behave is told from the perspective of an angry mother chastising her son for raping his sister's Barbie Doll with Darth Vader's light-saber. She reprimands him for the crime of playroom passion and then goes on to tell him his entire life story. The result is a dark and uproarious tale of love, violence, and what little difference there is between the two.

The Mighty Zorok: Office Monster
Paper Rocket Press
Kindle Short

Life in a cubicle is wearing on the mighty Zorok, but what's a modern monster to do? With no face for sales and no hands for anything else, he's stuck working in HR, overseeing his company's performance-review process and trying to make the best of the daily grind. When a sexual-harassment dust-up with a coworker reveals feelings he'd rather keep hidden, however, Zorok has to re-evaluate what it really means to be an office monster in this exclusive Kindle short from Matt Getty, the award-winning author of You Will Behave.

Midge and Bimboo
Children's Book

Meet Midge and Bimboo. Bimboo wants to eat Midge. What will Midge do?

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