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What the hell is this? Does anyone else hate the colors? What should I be writing about in the Daily Brain Dump?

I started this whole thing as an act of shameless self promotion, but I'm beginning to think it should be something more. Of course, even when I say "something more," what I mean is something that looks less like shameless self promotion, thereby making it more effective at shameless self promotion.

I used to not want to talk about my non-writing life here at all, but I've done it some, and it seems to get a response. Perhaps I should push further in this direction.

But I don't think I could really be an effective blogger. I'm far too recursive as a writer. (For instance, I've revised that sentence several times now, and I'm still not sure "recursive" is the right word. How friggin' recursive is that?) Putting thoughts out there on the fly is difficult for me, as I think my posts probably show. Believe it or not, I also hate talking about myself. I thought having a my might help me get over that, but not really. I'm still hiding.

Perhaps this site should embrace that hiding. Perhaps it should be more mysterious, it's navigation more cryptic, it's insights harder to trace back to me and therefore more honest.

I don't know. As always, I'm open to suggestions. I've been doing this site for more than a year now, and I don't know if it's really useful to me or you in its current form. Perhaps its time to reimagine the whole thing.
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