March 29, 2015

Song for Sunday #4

This week's #songforsunday is "What it Takes," a song I started writing roughly 15 years ago. I finished it more recently, and it's interesting to see how this went from being a first-person song to a second-person song. Something about a change in perspective over those 15 years just made that alteration feel right.

It's also worth noting that the entire song is made of a single four-chord progression. I've always been a fan of one-progression songs. Something about the way they manage to evolve even within those rigid boundaries always interested me. I hope I've achieved some of that here, but you'll have to let me know what you think.

Ching Wing

March 22, 2015

Song for Sunday #3: Fay's Country Kitchen

This week's #songforsunday is a song I wrote about Fay's Country Kitchen, the signature breakfast spot in Carlisle, Pa. I couldn't record it in their kitchen, so I recorded it in mine.

March 15, 2015

Song for Sunday #2: How to Shine

This is second edition of my Song for Sunday Challenge (to record an original song each Sunday for as long as I can). For good or bad, I think I was heavily influenced by Donovan when I was writing the lyrics. My goal was to try to come up with a fairly straight-forward, sincere folk song. Full lyrics below:

How to Shine

If you sing me to the wind,
paint me against the night sky,
and bear me like a grin,

then I, I'll spill you full of youth,
hold you like the memory
of some forgotten truth.

And we'll rise with the tide
that wells in your eyes
until we teach the darkness how to shine.

So please make my voice a prayer
that echos echo across the roof tops
and tears the thinnest air.

I, I'll trade stars your eyes for light
and keep you like the promise
of some everlasting night

when we'll rise with the tide
that wells in your eyes
until we teach the darkness how to shine.

I'll keep living for tomorrow
so you won't die for yesterday.
We can't beg, steal, or borrow
for what we've already paid.

But we, we'll hold till the last spark
dies among the embers
and leaves us cold and stark.

And we'll carve our lips into the sea
kiss our curses to the sunrise
and let every nothing be

until we rise with the tide
that wells in your eyes
and finally teach the darkness how to shine.