Free Song -- San Francisco (Don't You Wanna Go?)

Taking a page from the Chuck Berry book of songwriting (if you make a song about a city, you have a chance to gain at least [n = population of that city] fans), I began penning this homage to the Golden City more than a decade ago. The bridge was only completed in the last year, however, as part of the "Song for Sunday" project, which led to this acoustic performance.

This song always had the feel of a 90s indie rock track to me, so that was the direction I took this recording. I even had aspirations of trying to ape Wayne Coyne for the vocals, but my alterna-whine was nowhere near on point, so I opted for a more subdued, pouty approach instead.

As far as the production goes, this was all done in Reaper.The guitars were done with a Slick SL60 run through Izotope Trash. The drums area modified (and at times dissected) Cyclick loop with individual hat and cymbal hits added in, and the bass is the CM303 bass synth run through CMFuzz trying to sound like an actual bass guitar.

(And yes, I know that "crazy little funny zig-zag street has a name--Lombard Street, for those who don't wish to Google it. In case the AAA rhyme scheme and general tone here don't make it clear, I was aiming for an endearing simplicity in the speaker's worldview.)

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