Feb. 19 Somage Reading Update

An update to the reading in which I'll be participating at a Starbucks in the Kentlands in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Saturday, Feb. 19, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m:

It's official
First, it's got a name. They are calling it the first installment of the "Somage Reading Series." OK, when I say "They," I really mean my wife. She's the one who set it up, and much thanks to her for that. We're hoping we may be able to do more of these in the future, so stay tuned and we'll see where "Somage" goes . . .

No Floating Infants
Second, because I couldn't find a suitable 10-minute portion of "The Floating" to read, I've decided instead to read a selection from "On Bellrun Avenue." So there won't be any levitating children, but if you make it to the event, you will get to hear a portion of a tale in which a father murders his five-year-old daughter's best friend. It's heart warming, I swear.

The address for the Starbucks hosting the reading is 121 Market Street Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878. Click here for directions.
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