Keeping Susie Whole: an update of sorts

I'm currently working on a new story about a little girl whose body falls apart. I'm quite enamored with it at the moment. I'll have more to say when it's finished.

Lately I've been really drawn to what I can only call "phenomenon" stories. Perhaps they're best described as speculative fiction, but I don't presume to know enough about the genre to use the label. This, the anorexia story, and a few others I've been sketching at more quietly are all emerging as tales in which anything can happen. I've been leaning this way more and more with my writing lately, but I think it has come from reading more online fiction recently.

More and more, I'm finding that what I read on the Web is much more adventurous and engaging than anything I'm seeing in print. You can find a good example of what I'm talking about in Matt Bell's "Twenty Fingers" in the latest issue of Frigg.

As for life in print . . .

I recently completed editing "Oncoming Traffic" for publication in the next issue of Streetlight Magazine. I can't say enough about what Fiction Editor Rod Schecter's wise and fearless edits contributed to the story.

Working with someone like Mr. Schecter, I've really come to feel that the editorial process is a blessing.
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