When My Girlfriend Lost the Weight

I've just finished a draft of the world's best short story ever. It's a dark comedy about a guy whose girlfriend is dying from anorexia.

What? There's nothing funny about anorexia? Well, I did say "dark" comedy, didn't I? Besides, it's not the anorexia that I think is funny. Just the dying.

I'll be editing it for a while and sending it out in a few weeks. I'll keep you up to date on how it fares.


cheri said...

i generally don't post stuff on my hubby's website but i HAVE to for this....this new story matt wrote is so unbelieveable.....he read it to me for the first time last night and i wanted to stay up all night just talking about it....so truly fantastic and it leaves you constantly thinking about it. i never wanted it to end. when you all get a chance to read it---you'll think he's even more talented than we all know he is.

Matt said...

Good woman, my wife . . . Sure, it may seem biased, but to me this is actually the best praise I've ever received. And from the world's most beautiful praiser ever too.

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