Much to Do

Final editing is progressing on "When My Girlfriend Lost the Weight" more slowly that I'd hoped. The obstacle seems to be me. I keep starting other projects instead of finishing this one. But I'm committed to getting it into its coffin by the end of the weekend.

A first draft of "Keeping Susie Whole" is very close to done. Yes, I'm behind schedule on that as well.

So What's the "Daily Brain Dump"? (check out the new post header)

I'm planning a slight change for this site. I've long wanted to provide more regular, dare I say, daily updates on the writing life for all of you clamoring for more information on the world's best writer ever, but I've hesitated because I don't want to push important news off the homepage just to tell you I'm picking lint out of my belly button again.

My solution? Soon, on the right hand side of the homepage you will see a little Flash piece advertising a scrolling list of blurbs and links on and to the "Latest Big Deals" ("Latest World's Biggest Big Deals Ever" just wouldn't fit in the column.) The bulk of the homepage then will be my daily brain dump, which I will try to keep as daily as possible.

You probably won't see much of my brain on the weekends. I've got to give the talented staff at some time off.

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