Me vs. Me

So here's the new mix of "Blame." And here's the old mix of "Blame." Which one's better?

As I said in a previous post, I recut the vocals, fiddled with he piano a bit, got rid of the ambient synth sound in the background, added the best back-up vocals of my life, and tweaked a lot of nobs and dials on various filters about which I know little or nothing.

I did a bit of panning too. That much I do understand, and I think that opened it up a bit.

2 Free MP3 Downloads for the Price of None
So you tell me, which is better new "Blame" or old "Blame"? Download both and give me your feedback by clicking on that little "Comments" link at the bottom of this post.(Forgive the 2 seconds of dead air at the beginning of new "Blame" I promise I'll clean that up in new new "Blame.")

Want to know more about the song and the story that inspired it. Check out the original post on "Blame."
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