Dave Clapper on You Will Behave

Dave Clapper, the editor of SmokeLong Quarterly (and a damn fine writer himself) offered a few words on You Will Behave today. My favorites: "It's absolutely absorbing. And better still, some people are just going to hate it."

Ain't that what we all really hope for when we're scribbling away long after the wife has gone to bed and the coffee has gone cold?

Much thanks to Mr. Clapper for the read and the commentary. These things really mean a lot when they come from writers and editors we respect.


cheri getty said...

you could always warm up the coffee by throwing it in the microwave....or maybe now that you're published we could get you an assitant to do that for you! :)

Dave Clapper said...

de nada. Just sent SuckerPunch a li'l blurb yesterday. Hope the book sells a ton, man. It's good stuff.

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