Barbie Goes Breastless

Here's a real sign of the times. Seeing my book listed on actually makes the whole publishing thing feel more real than holding it in my hands did.

Yes, that's right You Will Behave is now on Amazon. For anyone who's been waiting to order your copy because you didn't like the idea of making credit card payments via PayPal, now's your chance to buy a copy.

Of course, SuckerPunch Press has also committed to another batch of signed copies, so anyone who orders through their Web site can still get a personally signed You Will Behave.

Much thanks to everyone who's ordered so far. Your fine literary taste has actually made this possible. Apparently, You Will Behave sold so well in its first printing that the publisher was able to ink a distribution deal. And that's what has made the dream of seeing my book on Amazon's virtual shelves a reality -- or should I call that a virtuality?

Yippee a Contest:
To celebrate all this . . . The first person to correctly decipher and explain the joke in the title to this post gets a free signed copy of You Will Behave. You must make your guess through a comment to this post. I'll announce the winner as soon as there is one.
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