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I love digital books. I've been an audio-book fan for years, and I love the instant access and centralized note-taking capabilities of e-books. Still, whenever I finish a digital book, I just can't help but wish that I had the physical actual book in my library.

I know, it's just so 20th-century of me, but it's true. I won't wax poetic about the feel of the physical pages in my hand, the way the worn cover speaks volumes about how much a book has been loved, or the fact that books don't need batteries. But I love the idea of a personal library and how it reflects its owner. Sadly, many of my favorite books have no place in my library because they live only on my hard-drive.

And this is why I love what Dzanc book is doing here. By offering a free e-book with the purchase of the physical book, they're telling me I can have my cake and eat it too. Hat's off to them for recognizing this, and I hope more publishers will embrace this. Why not? It provides added value, it costs the publisher nothing extra, and it allows me to embrace the two centuries my life straddles.
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