Song for Sunday#1: Radio Sunday

So I've set a new challenge up for myself. It's called "Song for Sunday," and the goal is to post a video of an original song each Sunday until I run out songs.

It seems appropriate to start this off with "Radio Sunday." This is an old song I first started writing probably in the late 90s. I figure it had to be around that time, because I remember the idea came from listening to 99.1 WHFS FM in Washington, D.C., and enjoying some of the programming they had on Sundays.

At that time HFS was one of the most prominent "alternative" stations I'd ever encountered, and at that time "alternative" radio had become fairly mainstream, On Sundays, the station had a couple of shows that played and talked about some more obscure music as well. I remember thinking that radio was much cooler on Sundays, and this song--though it wouldn't be fully written for many years--grew out of that thought.
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