Last Week's Web Highlights

It was one of those weeks that remind me why I spend half my life on the web. Yes, clicking on underlined words is always a gas, but last week I actually found a good bit of stuff worth the click, some even worth two:

  • The Mouth, by Lincoln Michel, in the most recent issue of The Vestal Review. Great story about a man with a mouth on the top of his head.
  • Two great flash fiction pieces from Joseph Young, Best Friend and What Happened Was. Aw heck, just check out Mr Young's blog, Flash-Light and read anything. You won't be disappointed. As I said somewhere else, it's like the opposite of Chinese food, you read a piece in a minute or two, and hours later you're still experiencing it.

  • Dave Clapper's blog, a great resource for finding new flash fiction and writers.

  • Mr. Clapper's most recent publication at The Journal of Modern Post, Dear Coca Cola. The casual soda drinker will read it and laugh. If you feel the way I do about soda, you'll read it and cry.

  • Smokelong Quarterly, a strong on-line flash fiction magazine with author interviews. The interviews are actually a nice touch. It's refreshing to get a little more than a bio--like behind the music for flash.

  • Three great poems from Tripp Howell, And the Compass Itself Was Art, An Anti-Creation Myth, and Core. Reminiscent of Simic's The World Doesn't End, these imaginative poems stack their images with a playfulness that will charm you into seeing the world new again.

As for my own site, new poetry has been posted--most notably a new poem about the semicolon. The fiction page now has pictures. You Will Behave will be posted on this site in the next week or so.

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