"You Will Behave" Now Available

The most recent issue of Rainbow Curve features my latest short story, "You Will Behave."

Story Overview
In "You Will Behave" a mother reprimands her son for raping his sister's Barbie Doll with one of his action figures. But she doesn't stop there. Carried by the momentum of her outrage, she extends the tirade into a predictive and prescriptive life story that chronicles a fling with a cheer-leading uniform, the public suicide of a militant feminist, a long-standing affair between Darth Vader and Ken Doll, and the climactic search for Barbie's mangled body some twenty years later.

Told entirely in the second person future, "You Will Behave" is as much one boy's dark story as it is the story of the darker side of the way the world mothers all of its boys.

For more information on the story, including the original inspiration behind the story, check out "'You Will Behave' Accepted for Publication."

How to Get a Copy?
If your interested in reading the story, you can purchase the latest copy of Rainbow Curve at: www.rainbowcurve.com
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