Take My Privacy, Please

I followed this link to an ACLU video ad on why we should reform the Patriot Act to protect our privacy. Apparently, I'm supposed to be scared because the government can access all of my medical and financial information.

Excuse me for not being all that concerned, but I guess I thought they could have always gotten their hands on this info, and it's hard for me to believe that this is the most troubling aspect of the Patriot Act.

The ad itself features everyday middle Americans going about their public lives naked. (Of course, all the goodies were strategically covered.) As usual, I'm probably missing a big part of the picture here (so feel free to enlighten me), but my stance on privacy is that I'm quite willing, and dare I say eager, to stand naked before the world. It seems odd that in this era of rampant disclosure via blogs, Reality TV, memoirs, etc., your average American would be all that concerned about doing the same.
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