Julia Grows Up

I just started writing a new story involving the same characters from "In Sprite We All Can Breathe." It's about 13 years later. The mother is dead. Julia, now 16 catches her dad having an affair with the mother of a boy who's carrying a torch for her. Complications ensue.

I'm attracted to the idea of writing more stories revolving around the Julia character as she grows up. I've sketched beginnings to some shorts from her grade school years as well.

But I feel driven to write from any perspective besides hers. I guess I'm interested in seeing how a person's life story could emerge through the stories of others. I'm sure it's been done before, but, for now at least, it's caught my fancy.

The real kicker is time. See, I'm tending to write all the stories as if they are happening today, which is problematic, because Julia can't be both 3 years old and 16 years old in 2005. Or can she?
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