When My Story Got Rejected (Again)

In the interest of talking more openly about the writing/publishing/getting-rejected process, I wanted to share this recent high praise for "When My Girlfriend Lost the Weight."

. . . OK, so it was written on a rejection slip.

But it was from Esquire, and beneath the standard rejection copy here's what fiction editor Adrienne Miller had to say:

Matt, this is a graceful, stylish, and strange story, and I enjoyed it immensely. Sadly it's not in keeping with Esquire's tone, so we won't be using it in the magazine But I am glad to have read it

Not immensely enough I guess.

How to know when you've hit rock-bottom: you're not only keeping your rejection slips; your publishing them on your blog.

No worries though, "When My Girlfriend Lost the Weight" has already been resubmitted to another fine magazine. Perhaps they will enjoy it immenslier.

What's "When My Girlfriend Lost the Weight"?
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