Barbie, meet Fulla

Check out Barbie pushed aside in Mideast cultural shift, for a look at Barbie's new competition. Amazing how these simple dolls represent female oppression in two completely different ways.

Here's their first conversation:

Barbie: So, like what's the point of having breasts so large they'd make a real woman fall over if you're going to cover it all with that black abaya and a matching head scarf?

Fulla: Oh, but I can wear other more revealing outfits in the home. My body must be hidden from all men except family members.

Barbie: Gross, sounds like that line of West Virginia Barbies Walmart refused to carry a few years ago . . .

Fulla: And I have a really pretty pink rug.

Barbie: What do you do with that?

Fulla: You kneel on it.

Barbie: Oh . . . for like when you're like servicing Ken right?

Fulla: No it's for Allah. It's a prayer rug. I'm not allowed to play with Ken, though I do see a lot of G.I. Joe. He said he was here to liberate me . . .

Barbie: You should go for it. Liberation is like so totally cool. Look at me, I can be anything I want so long as I buy the right accessories.

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