Media Relations Coup

Looks like the "world's best writer ever" claim has finally earned me some much overdue media attention. In New Zealand. Considering how hard it is to get into the papers down under, and lord knows I've tried, I've got to consider this a high-water mark for my publicity efforts.

In "Googling for the best short story ever" (see paragraph number 8) Iain Sharp may be taking the piss out of me, but he does so while mentioning my name, a recent story, and the fact that I'm the self proclaimed world's best writer ever in a newspaper. So this is me smiling as he does it and offering to give him my piss for free the next time he should require it.

By the way Mr. Sharp, "When My Girlfriend Lost the Weight" is already receiving rave reviews in the rejection letters of top editors across the country. So there.
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