Holiday Toys Sell Girls on Primping and Passivity

This article hits very close to home for me. First there's the obvious connection to You Will Behave, but then there's also my growing concern over watching my 3-year-old begin to pick up cues on what she should be playing with.

The other day she saw these toy dinosaurs on TV and said, "oh, they're cute," sounding a little bit unsure of herself. Then she asked her mother, "Are those cute?"

(First, it's interesting that she's already adopting the word "cute" as an appropriate positive modifier for something she wants, even when it doesn't necessarily apply.)

Then she frowned a little and said, "but I can't have that, that's for boys to play with."

Of course my wife told her immediately that she could play with that if she wants to, and I've asked her many times since if she wants it for Christmas. But it was still sad to see her have that moment of realization.

This settles it. This year for Christmas I'm giving my girls dinosaurs, dragons, swords and handguns!
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