News to Come

I haven't written about the book release party yet for two reasons:

One: Thanksgiving kind of got in the way. I know we had the party on the 19th, but my hand was so cramped from signing books that I waited a few days to post anything, and then--bam--Thanksgiving.

Two: The book was presented with an award at the book release party, and I want to announce that but can't until the awarding organization announces it. This, I am told, will happen soon. In a few days then I'll have a major announcement about You Will Behave's first award.

In the mean time, signed copies of the book are running out. Originally, only the first 50 were to be signed and shipped by me. Demand, however, has been high enough that the publisher has decided to ship another fifty out with signatures (my poor little hand). Even so, I think there's only 10 or so left with my john hancock, so if you want some witty illegible scrawling on your title page, best order in a hurry.
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