You Will Behave Wins Freedom Medal

The Freedom Council of Valley Forge recently awarded You Will Behave its 2005 Freedom Medal in the area of arts and sciences.

"Challenging long-held notions of masculinity, child-rearing, and gender relations in America, You Will Behave exemplifies the struggle for freedom in our time," said Freedom Council President Ralph Cacciutti when he pinned the medal to my chest. "Like Socrates who declared that a "gadfly to the state" was necessary to protect liberty, the Freedom Council celebrates You Will Behave as a vital gadfly to the state and to the psyche."

"Gosh," I said. "A medal. It's so shiny."

But seriously, some folks have asked me how I feel about receiving a medal from an organization that has also honored the likes of Casper Weinberger? My answer--"thrilled." Other than the fact that it's shiny, what I love most is that the first award for You Will Behave, a book that centers on an act of sodomy among children's toys, comes from an organization whose highest honor bears the face of Ronald Reagan.

Politics . . . I've never really gotten it, and here's why. Sometimes you can move so far to the left that you end up on the right, and sometimes you can move so far to the right that you end up on the left. I've said that for years, but I don't think anything demonstrates it quite as well as this.

Blue states, red states . . . I'd like to follow the example of that other great political artist, the one formerly and currently known as Prince, and say color me purple.

Read the Freedom Council president's full statement.
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