Pile of vintage toys rakes in cash on eBay

When I read this story, I couldn't help but wish that they resisted the urge to sell all those Barbies and GI Joes on e-Bay. I picture that basement, and there's just something so beautiful about all those dolls and action figures still in their unopened original packaging.

It's everlasting potential, never-ending excitement. It's always Christmas morning.

I know most of the buyers will probably be collectors, so the toys will remain unopened. But there's something different about them being unopened as part of a collection.

They say their mother bought three copies of every toy just in case they broke. Hence the goldmine. But that's part of the beauty too, because these weren't toys sealed off in a collection never to be used. They were always just one play-time disaster away from being opened, enjoyed, treasured.

No Doubt these are toys that could have benefited from Plastic and Zen: A Self-Help Book for Action Figures.
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