We're Corrupting Barbie

My God! Barbie's taken up smoking and reading the newspaper! And who's to blame? The parents of course.

Apparently, kids demonstrate their parents' bad habits when they play with their Barbie dolls.

From thestar.com:
During a role-playing scenario with study investigators, one six-year-old boy offered a Barbie doll the newspaper and cigarettes with the words: "Have some smokes. Do you like smokes? I like smokes."
You'd think this would actually be working in the opposite direction. With Barbie's pervasive influence, I'm surprised the kids aren't forcing plastic shoes onto their parent's feet, twisting their hair into glitter streaked braids, grabbing mom and dad by the waist and walking them around the house on imaginary shopping trips, pressing their faces together for that classic nose-crushing Ken and Barbie kiss.
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