The Blurbs Are In

SuckerPunch Press tells me the back of You Will Behave will carry the following blurbs:


“Remarkably inventive and remarkably funny, Matt Getty's You Will Behave is a remarkably dead-on exploration of what it means to grow up male in middle America, rendered in a prose that's as sharp and fine as it is original. Matt Getty is the real thing.”

Richard McCann, author of
Mother of Sorrows

You Will Behave truly is a sucker punch. Narratively cute, it pulls the reader into an ugly world wherein violence and sexuality are forever intertwined. It questions that link and doesn't flinch from honest answers. And it doesn't hurt that it's funny as hell.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the great You Will Behave blurb-off. Rest assured if your blurb didn't make it onto the book, you'll surely see it on the SuckerPunch Press Web site.

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