6 Random Things About You

Your wife tagged you, and you're not sure if you can tag anyone else because you keep thinking they might not want to be tagged, but you figure you'll at least post your six random things.

1. You boxed in college, and you were not that good. You were knocked out in three different states. Sometimes you tell people that they called you "Tri-state Getty," but they didn't. It's a joke. The "Tri-state" nick-name, not getting knocked out in three different states. Oh yeah, and in one of them, you were knocked out in a ring Evander Holyfield once fought in. At leas that's what someone told you. (You feel like that's six things right there, but you guess this only counts as one.)

2. You love chocolate candy, but not chocolate ice-cream or chocolate cake. If asked to explain, you argue that chocolate ice cream doesn't taste like chocolate; it taste's like cocoa, and that's a different thing all together. Chocolate cake, you claim, just tastes like nothing.

3. You have a smiley face tattooed above your chest. You got it when you were 27--too old to do such things, but wasn't that the point? When people see it, they laugh at you and say they don't believe it's real. It looks like it was drawn with magic marker or stamped there with one of the smiley face stamps kindergarten teachers sometimes use to show their approval. All of those things make you feel very good about your tattoo.

4. You are embarassingly good at foosball. (It's that little soccer game they have in bars where the guys are all mounted to rods and you control them by moving the rods back and forth and making them kick with a flick of the wrist--spinning is technically against the rules.) When people see you play, you believe, they must think less of you. You feel like they have to wonder, "How much time did this a**hole waste practicing foosball? How big a loser could he be to put this kind of effort into such a meaningless game?" The answers, you concede, are: A lot, and real big.

5. If you hold both your hands in front of you, palms up, your right hand will not be level like your left. Unless you grab it and twist your arm, you can not make your right palm flat. You do not know how this happened, but it started sometime in your mid-twenties. It causes problems. When cashiers hand you change it often rolls out your hand and scatters on the counter or the floor. You haven't lived with the problem long enough to just reach out your left hand as a habit. By the time you're 40, you think, you'll likely stop doing this and only reach out your left hand to accept things from others. This will make your wife very happy. She does not like what she calls your "silly hand." When you are driving on long car trips and she has M&Ms, you will hold out your right hand for a few, and she will look down at it and scoff. "You know I don't like that hand," she'll say. She won't give you any M&Ms until you reach with your left hand.

6. You tear up at the end of The Karate Kid. When Mr. Miyagi looks at Danielson and gives him that nod, tears. Every time.
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