More YouTube Home Videos -- Sophia at 2

Sophia just turned 4, and yes there's no new video for her. It's in the can, so to speak. Like everything, all the footage has been shot--it just needs to be edited.

My excuses? Well, there was her sister's 2-year video, which is still in post, and then there was my mom's 60-year tribute to do, and then there's that job thing, and teaching in the evenings, and whoring myself to the media for You Will Behave, and trying to write a novel, and actually interacting with and caring for my children rather than just playing Ken Burns with their lives . . . So all I got is this old "Sophia at 2" video I made 2 years ago.

But thanks to YouTube, everything old is new again, because now I can put this sucker on the Web. So here it is, in honor of Sophia's 4th birthday, her life from 0 to 2 (edited down to about 7 minutes).

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