RPM Challenge Day 1

I took the RPM Challenge this year and will try to record an album in the month of February. Technically, I'll be writing all the songs in that time as well, but some of those songs will be finished scraps I've been working on for a while.

I got started last night by recording two conversations with my daughters, which will be woven throughout the album, cutting two raw acoustic guitar tracks, and printing off pictures to inspire the album.

Essentially the pictures are meant to look like what I want the album to sound like. I figured if I was going to record an album in 28 days, I needed something to reign in the possibilities. So I came up with a set of words I want to guide the album--conceptually and sonically--and then I did a Google image search on those words:
  • organic
  • apocalypse
  • disjointed
  • disintegrate
  • collapse
  • technology
  • future
  • noise
I then posted those images on a bulletin board in my basement, where I will record the album. I'll be posting updates on my progress throughout the month.
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