RPM Challenge Day 4.5

All I managed to record yesterday was an acoustic guitar track for what might turn out to be the albums title track. It's another discordant song in open G tuning. I feel like it's got the looser, thrown-together feel I'm looking for, but that might mean that it just turns out sounding like crap.

So all of the acoustic guitar tracks are now cut. I've copied them all to a thumb drive so I could move them from the down stairs (recording) computer to the upstairs (editing) computer. The plan is to now build the basic tracks out using highly edited samples from free-sound.org. I intend to liberally use melodyne and vocoders, so that the samples will be largely unrecognizable, but still it's exciting to have a resource like that. I'd originally hoped to record all of the sounds myself and them manipulate them with melodyne, but this is goign to be a huge-time saver and should yield some happy surprises, so I figure, why not?

A word on melodyne. This is an unbelievable powerful tool that will allow me to manipulate recorded audio like midi noted. Beyond simply correcting my bad notes when I cut the vocals, melodyne's capabilities will serve as the backbone of my editing/composing process. In the end, if this all works, this will be album that would have been impossible without melodyne.
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