New Story in FRiGG -- When My Girlfriend Lost the Weight

My latest short story, "When My Girlfriend Lost the Weight" is now available at FRiGG Magazine. You can read it by clicking here.

It's about a girl who stops eating and goes from 143 to 0 pounds.


nerinossa said...

You can read it by clicking here

gabe durham said...

Hey dude,

I just clicked over from your FRiGG story: really enjoyed it. The vignette "countdown" format, the humor, the absurdity/realism, the thematic openness--it all worked for me. I look forward to reading more.

Matt Getty said...

Thanks Gabe, I appreciate the kind words. I hope you find more you like here. I apologize for the fact that the site seems to be permanently under construction at this point.

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