Midge and Bimboo

There's a children's story developing here. Stay tuned . . .

Here's Page 1:

This is Midge.

Here's a new cover image and page 2:

This is Bimboo.

Bimboo wants to eat Midge.

Page 4:

Midge should run.

Page 5:

Midge runs.

New Page 5:

Midge runs.

New New Page 5:

Midge runs.

Page 6:

Bimboo runs.

Page 7:

Bimboo chases Midge.

Page 8:

Midge comes to a cliff.

Page 9:

Midge can't run anymore.

Page 10:

Bimboo opens his mouth.

Page 11:

Midge has an idea.

Page 12:

Bimboo charges.

Page 13:

Midge jumps.

Page 14:

Bimboo falls.

Page 15:

Midge is safe.

Page 16:

For now . . .

Alternate textures:

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